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Mink Chiropractic : FAQ

Some frequently asked questions…

Will my insurance cover this?

We will check on that for you. If your insurance will cover your services, we will be happy to bill them for you and collect only the deductible and co-payment. If your insurance will not cover your services we have pre-pay packages available for chiropractic and massage therapy that will save you money.  HSA & FSA account cards are accepted too. 

How many times do I have to come?

Everyone is different and it will depend on your condition, how well you respond to treatment and at home recommendations. This is explained in all report of findings and your provider will go over that with you.

What is muscle testing?

Your provider will explain all of that when you meet with her. It is a specific technique used to determine which muscle is tight or torn. Muscles cross joints to move. A tight muscle restricts movement of a joint. A restricted  joint restricts the movement of a muscle.

What vitamins should I take?

The ones that test the best for you. Our Clinical Nutritionists can help you make that determination using Nutrition Response Testing, a very specific form of Designed Clinical Nutrition that helps you know exactly what your body needs to be healthy.

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